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Hi and welcome to your one stop craft card making ideas gallery!

Vanessa Allbutt holding her baby PriscilaMy name is Vanessa, and even though I would not call myself a brilliant card maker, I do love learning and making all kinds of cards. But one of my biggest problems is getting new ideas. So why not start a gallery on-line, I thought, to share ideas, tips and techniques? Others can see the cards that I have made, and I can see other people's cards!

On this site you will find:

So, take a tour around the site and feel free to take on any of the ideas or suggestions that you find. Enjoy!!

The journey so far

I still remember the day my mum came home with two Christmas stamps, a red ink pad and gold embossing powder. I don't know where she bought them, or who showed her how to use them, but that year all our Christmas cards were embossed with gold lettering. They also smelled like burnt toast, as we had no heat gun and relied on the toaster to melt the powder. Things have changed a lot since then!

Slowly the stamp collection grew, as well as the number of different techniques I could use. For years I relied on my own imagination and on other people's suggestions. But for the last two years or so, I have discovered the wonderful world of stamp shops and magazines. I now get many of my ideas from the Stamping and Papercraft magazine, from attending classes, as well as from boldly asking the craft-shop owners. It's amazing how much you can learn by asking the right people.

It's also amazing how much money you can spend! These days I try to make nice cards without spending too much money, especially as most people I give them to will probably throw them out! :) Check out the Tips and Tricks page for some of my money-saving ideas.

So that's a summary of me and my card making history. I hope you're encouraged to continually expand your card-making world. And don't forget to drop us a line with your suggestions, tips and photos!

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